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In 1998 OYD developed its first fast-displacement (FD) hull form. We named and copyrighted these highly-evolved, round bilge full displacement hulls "fast-displacement" in 1999. These hulls well exceed the displacement rule in performance while generating zero lift as speed is increased. The result of the high efficiency is an extremely comfortable, sea kindly full displacement vessel that will cruise economically where other vessels are at maximum hull speed burning three times the fuel.

We now have proven FD hulls ranging from 73 feet up to 174 feet. Our 98 long ton 73-foot full displacement hull will cruise at 10.5 knots burning just 16 gallons per hour and tops out at 14 knots. Sea trials of the 73 revealed a comfortable ride in 6 to 8-foot seas while effortlessly maintaining a 10+ knot cruise. Our larger versions in the 45 to 50 meter range will easily cruise at 15 - 16 knots, and touch on 20 knot top speed. Tank tests and actual operating conditions have shown our 50 meter FD hull provides a very comfortable ride in a seastate 5-6 at 16 knots with very little pitching. Take a look at our Naval Architecture Page under the Engineering section for more information on these superb hulls and others.

Located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and in Aventura, Florida, OYD collaborates with shipyards worldwide, seeking the best options for each client. We team with established builders to produce OYD "Series Designs" for clients seeking a semi-custom megayacht at the most competitive price. See our DESIGN page for specific models of Mariner, Dauntless, Allegro and Flagship Series Tridecks.

For a client seeking a custom build with a selection of qualified builders from which to choose, OYD generates a clear, definitive bid package and manages the bid process. Once a shipyard is selected,
we provide an engineering package with optional levels of detail as outlined in our Engineering Section.

Our base designs can be tailored to suit a client's unique requirements; or we can start from a blank slate to create a one-of-a-kind, custom megayacht based on one of our many proven hulls. Our experience and superior hull forms provide a solid foundation to develop the client's new build. When we first develop a new design, all naval architecture and engineering aspects of the vessel are factored into the preliminary design. After this stage is when we involve the interior designer or decorator. The end result is a real design, not a cartoon. OYD will often oversee the construction, providing a necessary element of checks and balances throughout every phase of the build.

Overing Yacht Designs provides its clients with choices. We collaborate with well-established, pedigree builders, domestic and overseas, enabling the client to obtain the best fit for his or her project, and stay within a specified budget. We often can produce a custom build at the same or less cost as a similar sized production boat, allowing the client to realize their dream within a realistic price. If you already have identified a shipyard for your new build, we will gladly work with them.

Enjoy our website and please feel free to contact us for your next project.
Our Flagship 122 design, the 37 Meter Trideck Motoryacht "Shogun", formerly "Bon Bon," launched in 1993 as Mississippi's first megayacht. She was lengthened 3 meters in 1998 at Palmer Johnson and recently repowered with Cats. Shogun has logged hundreds of thousands of sea miles since her launching, a testiment to her "workboat tough" heritage.
Tough, luxurious megayachts built like small ships
Welcome to Overing Yacht Designs, a full-service, naval architectural firm niched in the design of tough, luxurious, custom megayachts up to 330-feet (100 meters). Decades of building stout, yet plush megayachts with commercial grade systems are complemented by our experience in the design and engineering of large commercial and military vessels. If you are seeking a uniquely designed yacht constructed with the integrity of a small ship, not a big boat, Overing Yacht Designs (OYD) is the perfect partner for your new build.

OYD designed the first megayacht built in Mississippi, Bon Bon, now Shogun, launched in 1993. Originally, Bon Bon was a 34-meter aluminum trideck that we lengthened to 37-meters during a refit at Palmer Johnson in 1998. OYD also designed the largest megayacht ever built in New Zealand, 50-meter Indiscretion, later lengthened an modified by Sensation then renamed Noble House, followed by co-developing Trinity Yachts' 55-meter Mia Elise hull. As Trinity's first full displacement, round bilge motoryacht, this well known builder turned to OYD for our experience in designing 50+ meter round bilge, displacement hulls.

Our luxurious, well-appointed, custom megayachts are renowned for being workboat tough. Our megayachts are built like small ships, and the structural integrity of our vessels exceeds those of the average yacht as discussed in detail in our Design Philosophy Section. OYD's proven, seaworthy vessels have a reputation for going out during weather when other yachts have to stay in port - and there's a reason why.
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